Operation of the website

Operation for users

How the registration process works for lawyers

  1. You ask your question and choose from the drop-down menu the area of the law that your question refers to in order to optimize the connection with the most appropriate providers to deal with your problem.
  2. You decide whether or not to attach attached files to the question, such as an email exchange, correspondence or contract.
  3. If your request is urgent, you can opt for the express mode, which guarantees you the treatment of your question within 4 hours, or you settle for the standard mode, which guarantees you an answer during the day if the choice of a service provider is confirmed before noon, within 24 hours if this choice occurs after noon or the next working day if the question is asked on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.
  4. You click on “sending”, resulting in the notification by email and SMS to all providers affiliated with TRAIAL that a question within their area of ​​competence has been asked. At this stage, providers know only the area of ​​expertise and pricing of the question, without knowing the details or your identity.
  5. Providers freely decide whether or not to answer your question.
  6. If they agree to answer your question, they express their interest by clicking on the "I am interested" button.
  7. The opportunity to declare interest is blocked once three providers have agreed to answer your question.
  8. The profiles of the three preselected providers are communicated to you.
  9. You click on one of them to answer your question and are then asked to pay in advance the agreed lump sum price. Your credit card is only debited once your question has been answered.
  10. The provider answers the question posed by proposing a clear and easy to implement approach to solve your problem.
  11. The answer is communicated to you through the platform.
  12. You provide the platform with your assessment of the service provided by the service provider.
  13. In the event that you wish to continue with a new question, you are free to repeat the process.
  14. Alternatively, if the complexity of your case requires the intervention of a lawyer, typically as a result of a recommendation given to that effect by the provider having answered your question, you can click on the option "consult a lawyer", it being specified that nothing requires you to go through a lawyer affiliated with the platform.
  15. This request is then relayed to lawyers affiliated with the platform whose area of expertise corresponds to that of the problematic raised; these lawyers will have access to the question asked and the answer given to you to express their interest.
  16. The lawyers involved communicate through the platform a fixed estimate for their intervention. The system is blocked once three offers have been received.
  17. You select the lawyer whose quote you accept and with whom you want to work (if any).
  18. An amount equivalent to 10% of the quote, but not more than CHF 2'000 (excluding VAT), is invoiced to you by TRAIAL, to be paid before acceptance of the selected offer is communicated to the lawyer.