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Subject to exceptions [insert link to next question], TRAIAL allows you to ask any question of a legal nature, and to attach relevant documents along and related to your question, such as email exchanges, a contract, a court decision or any other document allowing the provider to answer your question in full knowledge of the facts.

A drop-down menu allows you to choose the domain concerned by your question, so that we can optimize the connection with a provider having the required skillset to answer.

In general, you are free to ask any question. For obvious reasons, however, TRAIAL cannot endorse questions that would be asked in order to carry out unlawful activities, in particular of a criminal nature such as:

  • pedophilia
  • hard pornography
  • drugs and narcotics
  • human trafficking
  • incitement to racial hatred or physical violence
  • disturbance of public order or acts of terrorism

In accordance with its legal obligations and according to the circumstances of the case, TRAIAL reserves the right to report to the competent authorities any person who would have requested information for the purpose of carrying out an illegal.

With the exception of platform administrators who have such access, the answer is negative.

At no time will your identity or any other data you communicated to TRAIAL when creating your account be disclosed to anyone, including legal providers unless, of course, this information is contained in your question, which our Terms of Use forbid you to do.

When you submit your question, the only information disclosed to the legal providers registered in the relevant field of expertise are the question, the area of ​​expertise and the pricing, at the exclusion of any further information. As a result, in the event that your question contains personal data, which would be a violation of TRAIAL Terms of Use, such personal data will be rendered accessible to all providers who would have been notified and have accessed your question.

The documents you would have attached along your question will only be accessible to the legal provider you will have selected to respond to your question.

The affordable price offered through TRIAL to benefit from legal support only allows you to ask a single question and, if necessary, additional information in order to clarify the answer given. While the answer to your question may lead to further questions, the process will need to be repeated, subject to an additional fee.

The legal providers affiliate to the platform all enjoy at a minimum a Bachelor degree obtained from a Law School in the country in which you require legal support. TRAIAL is however convinced that there is no need to be a registered lawyer or even to hold a lawyer's license to be able to offer a useful answer to the needs of the users. Thus, general questions may be dealt with by providers holding a simple Bachelor's degree, whereas more complex questions, such as related to tax law, may be dealt with by a tax expert who does not necessarily have a lawyer's license, or by an insurer in insurance matters.

For these reasons, the platform is open to any individual having obtained a Bachelor's degree in law, although some areas (such as tax law or intellectual property rights) are reserved for to qualified jurists having demonstrated a significant experience.

Any provider interested in joining the platform must complete his/her profile and submit to us relevant documents demonstrating his/her skills (including diplomas, a resume and other relevant information).

The information provided during registration is checked during a telephone interview which is a requirement prior to any registration.Once confirmed, each provider is continuously monitored when rendering his/her services, whether through users when providing their assessment (mandatory), or through TRAIAL who will contact each provider who will have received an evaluation below 4/5. TRAIAL may further terminate the account of any provider who has received two evaluations below 3/5 and whose rating, after having discussed with the concerned provider, prove to be justified.

When you choose the standard mode (the default mode), TRAIAL strives to provide you with the choice between three service providers who are willing to answer your question and have been pre-selected according to their area of ​​expertise. You then choose among the proposed selection the one of the service providers who will answer your question. The concerned legal provider will then be informed of his appointment to answer your question.

In the event that fewer than three providers are willing to answer your question four hours after you have submitted your question through the platform, TRAIAL will inform you of the provider (s) who agreed to answer your question.

When you opt for the express mode as defined below (see below section: "In which deadline can I expect to receive an answer to my question?"), no choice is offered, and the provider who first accepts to answer your question will automatically be selected to answer it.

Whichever option you choose, you are free to let us know that you would prefer to work with a specific provider that you have been satisfied with in the past. In this case, this person will be notified and he/she will be allowed to accept the mandate entrusted, within two hours following the sending of your question; if by chance this person does not answer within this time limit or is not interested, then all other providers with the desired skills will be given the opportunity to declare themselves ready to accept

In standard mode (applicable by default): once you have chosen the legal provider who will answer your question, the latter agrees to answer your question within twenty-four hours following his/her appointment, or on the next working day if his appointment took place during the weekend or a day off.

In express mode (if requested): the provider has four hours (business day) to answer your question after having been informed of his/her appointment. In the event, however, that the complexity of the question asked would require more time, and after having issued a preliminary opinion, the legal provider is entitled to request from you an additional period of time to be agreed upon in order to be able to provide a final answer.

The legal provider is entitled to ask you to clarify your question in order to be able to answer you as efficiently as possible. Likewise, you are entitled to request a clarification to the answer given to you to get a valuable answer.

Payment for the Services shall take place in advance through credit card. Your credit card will ONLY be debited once you have appointed a provider to answer your question or, in the express mode, once a provider has accepted to respond to your request.

Opening an account on TRAIAL enable you to access and benefit from the Services offered by the providers through the platform. TRAIAL acts as an intermediary to enable the transaction to be directly entered into by you and the provider appointed to answer your question.

From a legal standpoint, the submission of your question is considered as an offer to contract. The contract is actually concluded when you choose the provider who will answer your question, providers having accepted your offer only doing so on the condition, suspensive, to be chosen as the final provider.

You are liable for paying the provider for the Services provided. You hereby appoint TRAIAL as your agent to process the payment in favor of the provider on your behalf. Furthermore, you understand that TRAIAL cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of any information or legal services provided by the provider(s) you connect with via TRAIAL.

Each time you use our Services, you undertake to provide a rating of the provider having answered your question when prompted to do so. Refusing to provide such rating shall prevent you from further using our Services, until such rating is provided.

A TRAIAL rating reflects an aggregation of users’ assessment of a given provider, based upon the information obtained by or submitted by users having benefitted from the Services of the concerned provider. Someone else's assessment of the same provider may be very different, or be based upon different information. Such rating is not an endorsement of any particular provider, and is not a guarantee of a provider’s quality, competency, or character. As a consequence, any rating should not be considered as a predictor of the outcome of any matter in which such provider is involved. Rather, the TRAIAL rating is intended to be a starting point to gather information about providers who may be suitable for your legal needs.

Yes. If you are of course completely free to choose any lawyer, whether or not affiliated with the platform, the use of a lawyer affiliated with the platform has the following advantages: just like the question, we optimize the get in touch by pre-selecting for you some lawyers whose field of competence will allow to best answer your problems.

More interestingly, interested lawyers must submit a flat-rate quote for the intended service, thereby ensuring that you control your costs and do not sign a blank check.

In exchange for this service, TRAIAL will charge you an amount equivalent to 10% of the quote emitted by the lawyer you finally have chosen, but not more than CHF 2'000 .-- excluding VAT. This amount will be paid before enabling contact between the lawyer and yourself to actually take place.

The conclusion and performance of the mandate will then directly take place between you and the lawyer you will have appointed.

You can download an application that will enable you to scan your documents using your mobile phone. We recommend an application like CamScanner (, it being specified that TRAIAL has no interest or affiliation with the supplier.