Services are offered at the following fixed prices in standard mode:

Question (number of characters)Price (CHF, VAT incl.)Remark
≤ 20025Price for a simple question, not requiring detailed explanations
> 200 ≤ 40060Price for several simpe questions or requiring more detailed explanations
> 400 (max 700)120More complex case requiring a more detailed presentation and, where appropriate, several questions

To this amount must be added the following price in case of attached document:

Nature of the file uploadedPrice per page (CHF, VAT incl.)Remark
Court ruling6Simple document, generally easy to read, essentially requiring a knowledge
Correspondence (mail, email, simple document)12As above
Contract, general terms22More complex document, possibly requiring more attention and reading time per page as a result of the density of the text (as the general conditions)

Pricing examples :

QuestionPriceUploaded filePriceTotal (VAT incl.)
≤ 200250-25
≤ 20025Correspondence 3 pages3661
≤ 20025Contract 5 pages110135
> 200 ≤ 400600-60
> 200 ≤ 40060Correspondence 3 pages3696
> 200 ≤ 40060Contract 5 pages110170
> 400 (max 700)1200-120
> 400 (max 700)120Correspondence 3 pages36156
> 400 (max 700)120Contract 5 pages110230

When you opt for express mode, the above prices are increased by 25%.

In the event that you decide to resort to the intervention of a lawyer affiliated with TRAIAL in relation to a question asked, an amount equivalent to 10% of the quote proposed by the lawyer you have selected, but at most CHF 2'000 (excluding VAT) will have to be paid to TRAIAL and will be charged to your credit card before the connection with the lawyer concerned.