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The process is simple and fast (with an answer even on Sunday in our case). The advice given is complete without saving in its length, with practical aspects that we had not thought of. Very easily recommendable !
Jan N.
I am super happy with the effectiveness of the answers received to guide me in a complex matter in which I find myself. Thanks to the advice, I am able to move forward with the necessary steps to resolve my concern. 'Turns out much clearer with an administrative and judicial process which seemed interminable to me and above all difficult to begin without in-depth knowledge of the laws. A thousand thank you for your precious help. I recommend without hesitation. Bravo for your commitment and the help you can provide anyone with the need for a legal approach.
Arthur C.
I needed answers and help regarding a dispute with an automobile manufacturer at the very end of the year. Despite the holidays approaching, I needed help to formulate my question. I quickly found an interlocutor who guided me and proceeded twice to refund the amounts paid within 2-3 days and without any worries! Behind the digital aspect, there is someone who is there to deal with any problems encountered, give advice on operation and, if necessary, allow reimbursement which is by no means impossible! Bravo and thank you again for your professionalism!
Amélie G.
Extremely positive, fast and very efficient experience. Allowed me without wasting time or money to find a quick solution to my « legal problem ». Many thanks to you!
Jean-Claude Z.
Impeccable service. The digital experience does not spoil the human side of the adventure, the team manages communication perfectly. A simple, fast, efficient and quality service. we ask for an online platform. Congratulations to Traial.
Daniel H.
Pleasantly surprised is very satisfied I recommend. The person who took care of me gave me much more precise information and advice than I could have hoped for especially since he has much more than just answering my question. I will definitely use this platform again
Carole M.
Graduated with magna cum laude from the University of Geneva, and passionate about business, tax, humanitarian and family law. I have also won several awards in the field of arbitration .
Lilia Benkara
Independent lawyer, I studied at the University of Lausanne and obtained a Master in law in 2016. After a legal internship in the NPDP Avocats law firm, I continued my activity in this study for two years. Since 2021, I have been working as a partner in the Law Firm Freymond, Tschumy & Associés in Lausanne. Generalist, I regularly advise my clients in matters of criminal law, family law and administrative law.
Quentin Racine
Holder of a lawyer's certificate since 2018, I worked as a trainee lawyer and then collaborator in a Geneva law firm in a range of fairly wide fields. I then obtained an LL.M. (postgraduate diploma) in intellectual property in 2020 and am currently training at the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) in Bern. I will be delighted to answer your questions, in particular in the areas of contract law, criminal law and foreigners' law.
Cindy Zaher
I have a doctorate in law and teach at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne. I also practice as an independent legal advisor. Active with individuals, companies and public authorities, I offer to its customers a personalized and attentive service in matters of Swiss and international law
Maximilien Stauber
Thanks to my experience of nearly 10 years as a lawyer in notarial studies, I can answer all your questions on inheritance. How to write your will by reconciling your wishes with the legal minimums and what are the tax consequences of the various options. If you are an heir, I control the entire administrative procedure, from obtaining the heir certificate to dividing the estate.
Emmanuelle Rognon
I am a lawyer at the Geneva Bar, where I practice mainly in the fields of economic criminal law, commercial or banking advice and litigation, as well as sports law.
Gianmarco Caliri Delgado
I am a lawyer and scientific collaborator at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. I am currently preparing for my Vaud Bar exam, after completing my legal internship for two years at one of the largest Lawyer studies in Switzerland. In parallel to my preparation, I am writing a thesis in law of new technologies at the EPFZ.
Christophe Gösken
Holder of a lawyer's certificate obtained in Geneva in 2015, I have extensive experience in the area of foreigners' law. In addition, I advise in administrative law, criminal law and civil law, in particular in children's rights. I defend a humanist conception of law, favoring the taking into account of all the interests of the client and the search for equitable and economically realistic solutions. I practice in French, English, Italian and Albanian.
Julika Malvataj
Following my attorney's certificate in 2017, I opened the Legalitic office in Geneva on January 1, 2021. Active in the legal field, in particular in criminal and administrative law , as well as in the field of contract law, I will be happy to assist you in finding a solution in these areas.
Tano Barth
Following my attorney's certificate in 2018, I co-founded M&L Etude d'avocats in Lausanne. Since then, I have developed my activity mainly in contract law, intellectual property and data protection. I have recently validated a CAS in this last area. I will be happy to advise you in order to find a solution to your questions.
Lauris Loat
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